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14th September 2014
Suicidal Prevention

People have lost control on themselves and do not know what to do and how do they progress in life and eclipse on trivial things and comes to an end and decide the most evil crime of suicidal. I t has been eating my head for quite some time when I see through and News items such grave incidents by teen agers. You open up a newspaper today you will not find missing at least a couple of such incidents. September 10th is the world suicide Prevention day and if I make a statement here you will be stunned, the average global suicide rate is 14.5 deaths per 100000 people and this being the fourth leading cause of death amongst the age group of 15-19 years old. Alarming and where are we going and how are we to train the younger ones. As parent the whole onus on you alone and you should device ways and means to prevent this disease among-st your children.

I have heard recently a parent has yelled at her daughter for some wrong doing and she had decided to commit suicide. Another girl working in a software company just because the boss have shouted at her at her performance in front of her colleagues she came home and informed her parents and wanted to end herself. Then she was taken to a psychiatrist and attended to properly. What are the basics for this and let us analyse;

  • Size of the Population
  • Age and Sex of the Population
  • Socio Cultural ethos
  • Socio technological development
  • Availability of methods of suicide

In a recent article in the Newspaper Hindu I have some interesting news about this. I wish to quote the same. Mr Ramakrishnan Rajendran consultant Psychiatrist of Naveen Hospital is worried at the number of youngsters who come in with depression. They are not able t tackle pressure grief and restrictions. The reason could be anything from bad marks in exams to not being able to own the latest gadget. In the older people it is often a feeling of being unloved or unwanted by children. He classifies his patients into two categories,

Those with suicidal ideation/tendencies

And those who attempt Suicide

In both the cases the situation might be the same but the way we perceive it and react to it is different. It is pre-conditioned in the brain and is dependent on both nature and nurture.

The reasons for the same are

Sociological theories
Biological Theories
Psychological Theories

We are running through an area of sheer risk prone and making our children be aware of these unwanted strictures which are going to attribute their making. Even the older ones are also running this risk. The reason for all this is our mental weakness and societal needs which hampers our potential and push in to the jungles of no return. Every affected individual would make a statement directly or indirectly their proposed action in this regards. For example if a child comes and tells you regularly about the end, like I do not want to live, I am totally confused, I do not like this life at all, I am not required any more, I have come across all hates and I do not want to live any more…

Parents should get hints from these statements and start brooding over the happenings of the children, your immediate interference would keep their decisions in abeyance and sometimes it would even change their attitude when you had counselled them properly. Or else take them to the nearest psychiatrist and have a thorough treatment on her. Parents should take it as their prime duties and occupy enough room on the subject and start interacting with their children to get them out of this menace. Do not feel shy or do not even have that said as if you are preaching to a choir. It is not so. Any redundancy in attending your ward would go far away from your reach and eventually you would repent for your late actions.

As we all live in a disconnectedly connected world the loneliness and lack of social interaction are also contributors to the trend. Because of lack of time of people for people. Where we speak to strangers on Face book but not to those at home. Also good time friends are not really a support system in today`s world.

The famous tells the following could also be the reasons of this thought in youngsters.


Death of a parent

Divorce of Parents

Feeling like a pawn that is being used between feuding, divorced parents and joining a new family with a step-parent and step-siblings.


Break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend

Peer Pressure:

Not feeling accepted by peers. Being ridiculed/bullied by classmates


Alcohol abuse

Drug Abuse


Moving to a new community.

Feeling misunderstood.

An experience that is perceived to be humiliating.

A piece of advice to all those who are inclined to such thoughts just peep into the slide under pinned, you would come out of the same immediately.

Think for a moment, this life has been given to you as you have wanted, you are bestowed to behold and enrich and enjoy all the comforts/distress equally to make pride of your birth.

Have a lovely day and enjoy the bliss of this wonderful life.

Jai Hind.

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