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The Generation Gap
The Generation Gap This has been the subject of every household in India today. The topic reverberates amongst all Senior Citizens in the dwelling and there has been a big question how their grandparents can take this or digest this. This means here is the metamorphic changes that has occurred in todayís word amongst all children and the way all of them conducts themselves and right royally plunge themselves into the new world of change and commit themselves into the new stream forgetting the established customs and conventions that has been with us and were encircling us with some governed rules. I do not mean here that I am a person who does not welcome a change and the growth what is happening today around us and in the world. Yes and necessary the growth, but just think for a while to what level it has affected our children and their future. When we discuss amongst our peers each and every one has to say something about this and I could see a pal of gloom in their faces when they refer their granddaughters in particular and their present style of functioning and racing against the traditions and customs. Each one of them has one thing to say and I could visualize their feelings that they are not at all happy the way the change has come to stay with their grandchildren. Let us take this like this, I went to a few of my good known relatives and friends and asked their view about this and each one has a distinct version of protecting their children saying the following: You elders do not understand when all their peers are into such actions (Using the Mobile and texting) these children are also used to that and if they do not be in the pool they are neglected and are out of the context. And some others say, you should make a note of all the kids and children who are in the teens are up to it and they have to necessarily exchange their views about it and that is the order of the day. And little further they say, It is only exchanging of views amongst all the friends on a regular basis and they have to do it necessarily and if they do not take part in the group conversation, group messaging they are thrown out of the arena and discarded in the collective strength. And still some other say, this is what is expected of the latest teens and they are sharing knowledge on many things which you and I do not know at that age and let us keep quiet and better be away from these activities. And more set started, you know one thing in our days these gadgets were not there, hence we do not know anything, remember one thing my daughter comes and tells me everything what she shares and get shared. And still others the way the Internet is teaching our children, which we have not taught us to the kids and they are all well informed about the good and bad aspects. Look at the plight of protective statements and defensive arguments about the parents about their children. Where are we heading what is the re course to all these things now. I had shown some clippings to the parents of closed ones, wherein there has been instances of chats amongst boys and girls leading to levels of disappointments and disgraceful happenings amongst and the whole family is sorrowing out of the daughterís behaviour. Running around people for recourse and churning around pillar to post for a safety return of their children and some even have lost their children because of the hardships faced on such encounters. The worst part is that some have even lost their precious children on account of the wrongful acts and manipulations of peer and friendly pressures. Some of the parents have even asked me to tell them an answer how to go about it and what are the solutions for the same and how do we track them up for the routine life and how do we go about training them and articulate them into the traditional values and customs. Here again I got up and thanked God, of course there are some wishful showers among the tremors that has been causing havocs in our family and started revealing to them what has been my experience and what I have come to know such gadget free conglomeration and environment. I have shared my thoughts on what I have virtually heard from some of the teenagers who are doing this continuously and the moment they had come to know of the mobile culture and its usages. Their opinions are as follows: We use the mobile for texting every day and share what we have learnt in the morning, afternoon, evening amongst our friendís circle and it is immaterial we need to whether it is good or bad. We have to interact at least with all the group members (50 members of boys and girls) text the repeated messages if they are to be seen again and again. We share all messages, now that whatís up applications has come share instant and happened photographs too. We have gone to an extreme we started sharing everything through photographs now, which has become a must and running thick and faster. We even share the most attractive lip locking sequences which come through YTube and each one of us are aspiring on such materials. While doing such sequences we even ask ourselves to lock our lips through our feminine peers who will not refuse to do so. We have now the order of the day is to share the hottest movie moments through Ytube and it has been the order of the day and everyone in the group is inclined to send it through for circulation. After this we have a vivid explanation about those hot contents and what happens when we actually involve in it too. The latest trend has been dating and when we become close to each other we discuss upon those dating techniques and enable through Internet and suggest and pass on these ideas to everyone. Anything that is new would be attracting and each of us wanted to have a try on the same. And finally I have heard someone telling me that we have even tried on the premarital experiences too while dating. All the above statements have shocked me and took me to a different level of thinking and I was perplexed about the culture of the present day generations and their knowledge about everything; where are we and what are we going to do for this downtrodden thinking and knowing to know many quick fixes in life that are the necessary hassles. What is our plight and I could see many of the parents either vouch with me or silent watchers of all these evils happening around us and our society. How can we put a stop to all these nonsenses and what is the way out. Here are some of the tips may be useful for those who wanted to have a change in their childrenísí lives or still wanted to be a silent spectator? You have to decide on that. 1. Speak to your children in a friendly manner and make them know of these vulnerable changes that would come through of their gadget habits. 2. Make them to participate and discuss with their relatives and friends in a manner a common subject or debate something happening around the family and the society. 3. Engage them in physical activity, teach them some sports, teach them some music, teach them and train them of their interest in knowing their requirement. This would put them in active contact of that activity and prohibit the unwanted thinking and messaging. 4. Share and contribute your time with them in the maximum to enable them the confidence that they can discuss with them anything and everything. 5. Imbibe values of the families and Traditions and how the same is to create avenues of fair growth and wonderful living. 6. Teach them on regular basis some epics which have imbibed values in us like Mahbaratha and Ramayana. Or put them on regular classes which would be a feast to their thoughts by learning the learned speak on values of life. 7. Keep regular track of their texting and messaging and know their peer strength and their abilities. This would enable them to have a limit on their activities and always under the pretext that they are watched. 8. In friendly discussion all mothers should discuss the needs of knowing things at what age and what dimension and how this thought would help them in their future life. 9. Feed in them about the sancro sanct living and how this can be achieved by exhibiting the trueness in life and uplifting the traditions and values they have earned through their ancestors. The above said informationís are my experience in life and I wanted to share this with my readers to cultivate an honest growth in their families and teaching the righteous methods in which our children should grow. It is not out off our hands, we have been grown by our parents and it is needless to say that we have a duty bound on us to take care of our generation. We want the generations to grow knowing the gap and how do we bridge the gap and come out successfully. Jai Hind, Regards, T Mohenchander

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