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The Teachers' Plight


ll have been educated by our elders like this...Mother
Guru (Teacher)
The God
Each of us has been into the above and we all have been taught on the above lines from the moment we started learning the schooling.  When we enter the age of schooling we have been admired by our Gurus, teachers and we have taken them as our guide and following all their instructions in letter and spirit.  Our functions and our ethics have been totally advocated by them and we sincerely followed suit whatever the outcome may be.  We have been trained by them in all our walks of life.  That was the ethics we had as youngsters practised such habits and we have been very successful in our lives and our credits which we owe now are to their credit.  That is history...

What is today’s plight...? All of us are aware in today’s world the students are not afraid of their teachers, it is quite contradictory, the teachers are afraid of their students and each and every school is experiencing the fear of handling their students and mending them to proper ways are a big question and mostly and generally the teachers are taken to task when they start controlling their wards. We have been totally under their control in the yesteryears, now that mostly and generally all the parents are employed and they need to get into their routine, they have no other go than leaving the plight of handling their children with the teachers only. But today’s children are vulnerable to new ideas, new independence, new thoughts and they do not want any control or influence upon them for mending their ways.  They are totally independent and any intermediary intervention will lead to them and the dangerous weapon they take on hand is committing suicide. Because of which the teachers are reluctant and afraid of advising their students to correct them and formulate them.  Any questions asked about the behaviour or studiousness, the answers would be negative and of course the authorities in the School and Education department want their students to score 100% in all subjects and the total onus lies on the teachers only.

News doing the rounds today that if a teacher beats a student to correct or mend him he or she has to face jail sentence and that is the order of the day.  Even an 8th standard student is not afraid of the teacher because of the convenience of the law and its resultant action. This has developed into a stigma and anything and everything the teachers are taken to task and the student gets escaped with such ruling and the same has been published in all media and news magazines.  This naturally prevents any teacher to take up any student when they misbehave or do not show attention on the classes and the lessons.
A recent incident in a school in Madurai which made the Headmaster go into awry as he had scolded some students in mending their behaviours and attention to the curriculum.  You know what happened all the students of that particular class went in before the headmaster with a poison bottle and threatened him that they all would commit suicide by drinking the same and you will be put behind the bars. In another incident in a different school the teacher was suspended for taking action against an erring student.
If this status continues and it has been continuing throughout India in various schools and what would be the plight of teaching teachers.  Is this change is going to fetch him better citizens from the schools or on the contrary in Madhya Pradesh the teachers have decided to quit and search for other jobs. Is it not the duty of the teachers to assess their wards and correct them when they go astray in mending them properly and showing them the right path and right perspectives?  What is happening today in our education system?  Everything has gone in favour of the erring students. The parents should understand this.  Beating is not a punishment and they should understand that early bird catches the flight always.  Any student has to be mending at the earliest age if he is not going to be altered when he is 5 years he can never learn when he becomes 50 years.  We have been following this and this has put us all in right stead.

The new ruling is that till eight standards every student has to be naturally and automatically to be promoted.  What is this, how does he start learning from the 9th standard if he had not properly gone through the earlier years on earning the promotion than getting it automatically. To bring in those students to pass level the teachers task is herculean.  They need to work overtime and take in extra measures to those who are not capable and if they fail the responsibility lies on the teachers and they are taken to task.
When there is going to be an alteration to such eventualities.  The teachers, the Headmasters plight are the most difficult one and they have to run helter skelter in getting the desired results or ultimately they are shifted for want of performance.  How bad and poor treatment for our teachers.
Who is to bell the cat…? Yes definitely the Parents.  They need to take stock of their children henceforth.  They cannot take it for granted.  They give all independence to their children, all comforts and whatever they want in life, from mobile to all electronic gadgets at the wrong time where he has to concentrate only on education alone, on the contrary he is plunging into all unwanted habits through his peers and friends. Getting involved in various illegal activities at the age where he is not supposed to know all blemishes and it has become very relevant in a student studying in the 8th standard. 
It is high time they have to be mended and inculcated in all the good habits which would make them as the righteous students and ultimately land them into various fields where they have to emulate and follow the path of those who have been very successful in live just because they have been trained and ordained in the ways which were ethical and moral throughout their lives.

We are all Indians and the population of this students are enlarging and there are the students who have to lead our largest country and we need them to be upright and honest to take in the virtues of tomorrow. We need to work on them in spite of the hurdles that are prevailing, we need a force to show this world we are not least against any one, we are not just citizens of this country, and we are really powerful of our own establishment of good things in leaps and bounds
Jai hind.

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