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Indian Parliament Functions


Indian Parliament Functioning Today

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Just push in your thoughts for a few moments please, what’s happening today in our country and how responsibly our Members of Parliament are behaving excepting the ruling party.  Are we not spending the tax payer’s money to feed into the mouths of these unhealthy and unworthy parliamentarians? What is the right, they all have to stall the parliament whatever the reason could be?  The whole winter session left in for another few days has come to a standstill just because of flimsy reasons could be for some personal animosities also.  The National Herald case on Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi has become the talk of the town and they claim this case which has been referred by High Court and the same has summoned both of them for a hearing on the 19th of December 2015.  What is relevant to this case and functioning of Parliament?  They claim this as a personal vendetta. How could this be, it is totally an independent issue and whole parliament during the winter season has been prevented for unwanted reasons of the much relegated party like Congress and others.

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All these MPs flout themselves as public servants and they have been voted to power by all the fools like us to go there make a shabby performance in Parliament to show their strength in not attending or when attend, while away the time by visiting the canteen or the least sleeping in the Parliament spending all our money.  Are they really worthy of their choice.  How long we are going to tolerate like this.  The important bills have not been passed just because the ruling party do not have majority in the Rajya Sabha and hence the voting has taken a beating and they are voiceless though enjoy the two thirds majority in the Loksabha.  The important bill being the GST which would benefit almost all the States. Congress party has been the main reason filching the whole winter session of the parliament.  No one has put any effort to stay in with the bills and get them passed for the benefit of the people and the respective states.

The story is not far off and not forgotten so easily. While Congress being at the helm during the long 10 years before 2014 at the Centre and DMK at the State level in Tamilnadu conjoining themselves into all sorts of corruptions, scandals and scams which put them to get a beating and eat their own coins and the Indian People have sent them back to the barracks properly voting them out of power and bringing back the BJP to chair the podium.

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Congress has been always under the pretext that their party has been responsible for getting the freedom to our country and lavishing their glamour and credits only on those and feeling that they have been loyal to the citizens and feel this has been done eternally and nothing can be asked and moved out of their table anymore and anytime.  The same has proven wrong and they are into an agitation mood today that the whole parliament should not function and put in all the hurdles possible in not bringing in the important Economic and Infrastructure development benefits of the country.  They do not work anymore for the benefit of the common man. They can never claim themselves that they work for the benefit of citizens of this largest country in the world and striving to better the prospects of our states and people. It is not just enough Rahul Gandhi just visit farmers in Amethi and stay with them and has a couple of Roti and stage manage things with a click of a camera and the next day the same has been published in the media. What is he really doing in the upper house to thwart the difficulties of the farmers who are suffering today and their plight now?

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The whole of MPs are now doing a job of poppycock and evading the public request and sentiments and their well-being.  They simply forget the people of their respective constituency have selected and voted them to power and enjoying all the fruits of the life and leaving all of us in a lurch to enjoy their brickbats thrown on us.  Is it their responsibility for the people of this nation?  How much of money through our tax money is being spent for all their privileged life and their settlement.  Every day in Parliament is a cost and how much is being lavished by these representatives on very many things and they do not bother to attend or even attend do not participate in deliberations or by luck they are inside the house also, no effective functioning done.  At the most the sessions are stalled with being participated with the other opposition parties.  Excepting the ruling party MPS no other MP is just bothered about the parliament.  Everyone has to understand and admit their mistakes and follies and a huge amount is spent on them from a minimum of 800 crores per day.  Where are we heading and what cost? Without having any botheration on us and our interest all of them are Cooling their heels comfortably.

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The whole Indian Democracy has been driven by such MPS and they are mainly interested in their well-being, salary raise regularly, their Diem allowance, perks and what not. The constituent allocation funds, where does it go, does it really percolate down to the end user,,, a million dollar question.  When are we going to wake up and take and reprimand such un hearing representatives and put them in their place?  We are the ones, really I wanted to repeat that we and our temperament is to forget and forgive showing our godliness in us and keep on voting such unworthy people and send them back to their horses and let them have a comfortable ride.

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We are all still producing lakhs and lakhs of Engineers and they launder in the streets without getting job or a placement in the proper forum and so on.  We produce educationalists and educated youth, but as we do not produce any suitable Industrial background and Infrastructure to pave ways for their future they get disappointed and join the mainstream of the crying shoulders like us.  Where the end when there is  going to be a change. How long we can relent on the same issues every five years.

How are we going to develop the basic needs of our Country in very many fields like Agriculture, Industrial Production, Infrastructure Development, Improving our Exports and developing our International 
Trade and improve our balance of payments efficiency?  How are we going to improve our facilities and improve Railways, Plans for renewed energy and other resources which would run in favor of the future generation and their interests?

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Of course the New Government under the leadership of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been working hard and turning every stone to meet the needs of our country.  He is striving his best to create the basics of Make in India Policy and for that he had toured almost all the world and continents and amassed enough financial support and cleared all governmental red tap-ism to invest in India.  After assuming power in 2014 in the last 18 months he had shown an increase of 40% in Foreign Direct Investments.  When we have a leader like him, how are we all supporting him?  All the members in Parliament have to be on their heels in promulgating his policies for the betterment of the common man and our people.

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When  are our MPs  going to learn their mistakes and start attending their duties and swim into the sea of sailing in the present current of improvement and bring in the laurels of this country and help the ultimate needy.

Come on raise up now, it is not enough you wake up now, start sprinting in the interest of our enviable Nation to progress and strive, which would take care of the people from whom you have risen.  This is the time and if you miss it, it will not come back to you,


T Mohenchander

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