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India and our Strength

India and our Strength

India and our Strength

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As every elephant does not know its power until it gets into the madness, it will be controlled by its Mahout and his stick. Same with the case of India, as our country’s strength was unknown to many a leaders early, the whole world was looking at us as one of the under developed and unworthy nation. The one and only person who knows about India and its strength of the people he was not like the elephant which gets into insanity he threw away the stick of the mahout to a distance. This is just because of intelligence and diligence with which he handles things; the reason now the entire world is looking on us and seeking our help in tackling some important issues. If that is the case, do you mean to say India is such a country which is so wealthy and developed Nation?

We have mixed bags, there are wealthy rich Indians who can contribute 1500 crores for any calamity and at the same time we have people with begging bowels who await the ration products and also the 1000 Rupees moratorium they receive during such Corona crisis. This is also a climatic excellence while the rich and richer weigh the gold and diamond wealthy, whereas the poor and the downtrodden do not bother those things. Our deeds and respectability of every individual is distinct and different. Totally India is a peculiar country.

In India, Indians alone do not live, we have every set of people we have amidst us even the terrorist do survive as we see in the Paddy fields there are unwanted garbage’s which gets cleaned when the paddy is cut and swept. To bring along this cosmopolitan countrymen is really a very hard task any of the previous leaders were not prepared to shoulder the entire burden. The most powerful exemption is our Prime Minister Modiji.

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You know one thing when the Corona virus was born, Trump the American President did first ordered about 2 lakhs coffins alone. Because he was feeling that if I cannot tackle this which country would have a gaze and face this ordeal. It was totally different with our Prime Minister Modi.  Let there be sudden fall in the Economic culture and status, we are all known to revive this situation it takes a long time, he was worried about our 130 billion population only and advised the set 21 days lockdown boldly. He wanted people to be isolated and distanced from the virus. It is very difficult to run this episode as there are millionaires has to suffer at the same time the most poverty stricken and the downtrodden who have no conscious of having food for the next meal are also put to suffering. To do everything it is not the intelligence alone, you need courage, confidence and self-esteem to perform.

Now that the country which is known as impoverished, all the other countries are seeking medicines from us because we have set parameters and production modules for all types of medicines. There are always a set of citizens always finds faults with all machines and mechanisms.  There were gossiping too that America has threatened us and that is the reason we are sending them medicines.  Remember gossipers, you live in this country and enjoy all the privileges and still finding fault with our systems and procedures. Don’t you have the sense of gratitude for what you have been enjoying all these days from this government? But our honorable Prime Minister is still seeing you as a human being and you are alone proving time and again you are not so.

The truth is America has requested us Hydroxychloroquine medicines to be exported to them for using to Corona patients.

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Our Modiji while agreeing for the same put the three following conditions:

1 By this America should not levy any burden on the Indian Pharma Companies surviving in America and there should not be any hassles in their routine business;

  1. The FDA (Food and drug Administration) for our Indian companies who sells medicines should not levy any control and regulations for their activities. The existing restriction has to be ceased and allow an easy passage of business for them.
  2. The FDA should not intervene in the India Pharma company business and with unreasonable sections and sanctions, they should be let free.

All the above conditions were agreed in 24 hours’ time by Trump and that is the reason we have too agreed to export. This is to prove the Americans how that we can also empower rules and regulations.

Added to this Trump has also threatened that we have bought 400 Nuclear Missile from Russia, through the agreement with CAATSA, but we have never obliged to that, and Americans know that.  Even after that we have bought those missiles from Russia. Every Indian should be proud of his strength that a country like ours is wanted by the Americans for their survival in this hour. In fact America is struggling to come out of this ordeal and at the same there is no harm in helping them through the medicines they wanted. More than 3 laks of people have been infected by the Corona virus and almost 13000 people have died of this treacherous virus and America is topping the list now.

In this juncture the whole world has understood what is India and the value of our Prime Minister Modiji, the beauty is visualized the way in which we are controlling the virus Corona with such a population spread (130 billion people) we are able to control the situation with fighting hands up to date there are only 146 deaths in all the states and we are still finding ways to thwart this virus and doing the best medical treatment available with to prevent more causalities.

Instead of hailing India and Modi why at all stooping to pick in small nuts and nerves to harbinger the interest of other Indians.  Be proud of our stay in India and be blessed with such a country where you are taken care in every aspect finding out the right remedies.

Be happy and feel joyous to be an Indian.


T Mohenchander

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