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Our body and the constitution have its own physical existence and can create immunity by itself against any virus that would affect us.  Over and above should there be any other virus attack we can plunge into some anti vaccine and settle. If our food habits and the physical maintenance of our body are maintained properly no other virus can affect us because we have created immunity in our body by ourselves through good habits. People who have a disciplined health culture will not have this immunity less feeling at all. That is the reason to safe guard our health our ancestors and elders have taught us a way of living. The most unexpected the virus Corona has come into a play a very dangerous game on our health. It has really ruined our routine and our culture and conventions. The old habits pay and the new western culture and its habitations have shunted our morale and routine.  This has easily paved way to this dangerous disease.

This Corona has brought in the innate talents lying in our Tamilnadu politicians and Government officials who have been hidden all these days and they have now brought into practice. When these were unmindful of their duty sense and liabilities to the people, now that the virus has brought each and every one of them to run around on all errands to deactivate this virus and they have all come to work all the 24/7 every day. We need to give a pat on everyone’s back for their unflinching services extended now to get rid of the virus. The way in which our politicians and Government officials face the media and answer all the queries in utmost with all patience and perseverance worth to be mentioned. Truly following the Prime Minister’s Lock-down everyone in the administration and the official have turned into this ordeal with a true sense and warmth taking every instruction in the right earnest in saving the victims. Now that all have their tables into action unmindful of their differences and like the whole city and its inhabitants joined together, like pulling the Temple car, by catching each one and their sense of duty in pulling the thread by laying their hands in this crisis.

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All these days this has not been evinced by Governing Ministers and Government officials, now that it is evidenced by their active participation in day to day assignment and the same has been specially telecast in all the social media. Each and every one is aware of the threat to the general public and they are also satisfied about their duty boundedness. Even the opposition parties have come to join hands in wiping the virus and creating an awareness they are also in the team of duty and wanted to share their might and work in tandem with the Government. The opposition benches have never praised the Police personnel and now that their actions and pro actions are appreciated by them and seen the oneness that prevail in such a situation. Their aim has been always opposing the policies of the government and remain in the hot seat in the eyes of the public, now has come together and raises only one slogan with the government forgetting all slogans betraying the government.

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Especially we need to take into account today, Each and every one has counted the heads of the downtrodden and the poorest of the poor who should not be left out in this crisis for want of Food and shelter, government is experiencing the best schemes through Public Distribution system and other schemes and see that the common and most deprived are not neglected in this hour.  All are running helter skelter to shoulder the burden in this hour of need. Nothing should be wanting by them and the Ration outlets are taking care for this sector through financial and Groceries help in fair requirement and everyone in this segment is quite happy and satisfied by the help now. Following the Prime Minister’s disciplined staying at home is being followed with letter and spirit and the whole state is under Police surveillance and each and every citizen is seen staying at home and seeing that the normal life is not taken to roads and full control has been envisaged and followed systematically.  Of course there are some exceptions too where the legs cannot sit at home, those are the one crating panic and chaos in coming out to streets and disturbing the Police personnel and themselves too.

Most interesting than the above is all the Social media and mobile users day in and day out receive umpteen message on pro and against this corona virus submit themselves various medication and ways and means to go against this Virus.  They are disturbing to the disciplined too as these messages are countless and disturb all the natural citizens too considerably.

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The people who know all these diseases and who are all habituated to a disciplined life are taking this staying at home quite easily because they have created themselves their immunity and know to get prevented from this virus in practicing simple and neat methods. Our main duty is to help the government and concerned not to allow this virus to go over to everyone, only for that the whole India is working towards its successful eradication for which we need to cooperate in every sense and see that we shall abide by all restrictions laid on us. Our support will only make the job easy to all those are undertaking to remedy this virus and their extra ordinary work to get away from this virus.

We need to put on place here our sense of gratitude and thanks to all the Government Officials from our Chief Minister to all the cabinet Ministers, Government Officials and the most revered the Doctors, Para Medical Staffs, the nurses and the office boys in the hospitals and the Government and Corporation workers who all untiringly work in the road every moment cleaning and sweeping and disinfecting the infected areas, they all deserve all the credits as they make us all to live peacefully and happily.  Hats off to all those involved unmindful of their personal health and their personal family problems. They are the real human beings born to make us all survive.

Sensing the aforesaid, let us dedicate ourselves to follow the footsteps of the ordered and become true followers.

All our aim is to eradicate this virus Corona.


T Mohenchander

email   Mob 9003535787


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