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About the CEO
T Mohenchander
Ideate, Innovate & Inspire
Ideate how you want to be
Innovate the ways and means of your life
Inspire from experiences and be an inspiration to all the others

T Mohenchander is the innovator & CEO of this Organization.  He has a rich experience for over 4 decades in Management Sciences, human Psychology, and Present Marketing Trends of various Industries in the country.
He had started his career as a Banker worked in a Nationalized Bank in India for over 25 years.  With this experience entered into foreign assignments and served in Dubai, Abudhabi, & Sharja (UAE).  During his exposure in UAE, done some multitasking too.  Apart from being employed in various MNCs, done some specific consultations on Financial Trends in the UAE Region. His exposure to train the Trainee Officers has been worth mentioning. He was a Consultant for Reengineering of Business houses, by his critical analysis he brought the Companies off the red levels and to profitable hights. In marketing also he had innovated and implemented certain strategies as per the requirement of the Territory, Region, and its statutory requirements. Very often he had taken Marketing Assignments to promote the company and its personnel.  He was an instrument to develop interpersonal skills amongst employees.
He had done very many Power Point Presentations suiting to the requirement of the Company’s. Those Presentations based on the needs of the industry and with reference to the skills required to improve and develop individuals for bettering Organization’s strength.
By his Training techniques he reached a stage where every one sought his assistance. He had attended many programs on Trainers Training and acclaimed a level to become a perfect tutor to take up individual assignments.  Based on the results proven he had reached the level of Training on very many aspects like multi tasking and multi performing. He was credited with the adjective as an International Trainer too.
In India too, wherever he had been employed he had proved his mettle and shown progress and the uniqueness in his approach and results..  He had set trends in Marketing as per the need of the Industry and every place he had stepped in created a lead position for the company he was employed. He did set all tools and controls to perform as the best company in the area it dominated. He has surpassed some unique standards in marketing and set parameters for the others to emulate. He is a person who can take up any complex and highly demanding problems and enable solutions and success by his own unique approach.
Individually too he had earned due Credits in his personal life.  As a Rotarian, exhibited some useful services to the community in Coimbatore as well as in Hyderabad.  During his tenure as a Rotarian he had involved himself to the best of his ability to help the needy through community developmental programs.  At Hyderabad when he was the President of Rotary Club of Hyderabad Central, he had done some commendable work to get into the annals of Rotary International.  He was awarded the highest honor in Rotary during the year 1989/90 as the outstanding President of Rotary International. The reason being he started Rotary Village Core Activities in 146 villages in Hyderabad which is worth mentioning. By these activities he became popular in the minds of the inhabitants in the places he worked. This gave him a sense of belongingness with all the human beings and resulted to know the roots of every individual’s mind and its strength and weakness. The result, he had learned the art of Counseling.
He is a Professional Counselor too.  He can counsel every one who needs his assistant in today’s life.  Be it an Individual, or a married couple, or some one who needs to prosecute his studies further, or even some who do not know what to do and how to go about life.  In a nutshell he gives solutions to your problems and makes you with all the tools required to be empowered for a worthy living. The solutions are not through Astrological science or through time machines, but simply making you to understand as what you are and how you need to be.  Some simple things if you can adopt in your routine, can change you to better levels and realize the beauties in you. 
Based on the earned experiences in life he had written some books.  These books would spell about your life and your behavior at every stage. He has done some practical researches based on certain experiences in life and rendered these books.  All the books are worth reading and definitely conveys you some message which you would have earlier experienced without an answer to it. These books have been acclaimed as some true exposure of life and the study tells you all about the cycles of our birth, our reasons and our actions.
They are:
It’s all about you & Me –2004
Do you Know your Limits - 2005
Seeing Mirrors - 2009
Yesterday Once More - 2010
Dreams Diabolic - 2014
Fact Unknown - 2014
Different Strokes - 2014
At Present he is writing a Fiction named “Ideas Osmosis” under process for Publication
He hails from this wonderful City of Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India and done his schooling and graduation in Coimbatore only. He has attended and conducted many seminars on Training in various Organizations in India as well as abroad.
He is also the visiting faculty for few colleges in Coimbatore for MBA students.
He conducts Programs and Seminars on various subjects involving life and its scenarios.
Coimbatore. He is available on Cell: 9003535787email:mohen63@gmail.com